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Tips for Planning an International Climbing Trip

Climbing in a new place, especially a new country, is always an adventure and planning it should be part of the fun. Over the years, I’ve climbed in a number of different countries including the US, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, and France. Whether your sights are set on multi-pitch climbing in the Dolomites or deep

Ode to Belay Glasses

I’ll admit, when I first started seeing people with belay glasses, they were generally old white guys in gyms. I thought the glasses were a gimmick or just not worth the money unless you were rich, lazy, and elitist. Then, on a climbing trip to Spain, my partner was having some neck issues and couldn’t

NZ Canyoning – Top of the South

Venture off the track and into the canyon in the well-visited Top of the South Island… The top of the South Island is renowned for its beautiful National Parks; many are drawn each year from across New Zealand to explore the backcountry by foot, by kayak, or by bike. However, the backcountry also holds another,

An Ode to Arapiles

Now New Zealand has some pretty amazing rock to be climbed: the polished limestone of Paynes Ford and Pohara, the grippy granite of Charleston, and the special schist of Wanaka and Queenstown to mention just a few. Yet still each year hundreds, if not thousands, make their pilgrimage across the pond to the towering cliffs

Aspiring Canyoning Gear Guide (For NZ and Australia)

Canyoning is a very broad sport with a lot of technical variation. A person’s idea of going canyoning can range from strolling through a dry canyon to rappelling steep cliffs and plunging down waterfalls. The kind of gear you need depends on the type of expedition, weather conditions, and will also vary based on water

Choosing the Right Carabiner for Climbing

The market is saturated with carabiners that come in all different sizes, styles, and gate variations. It can be hard to determine the appropriate carabiner you need for climbing — especially with all the different types of climbing and situations for use. There isn’t one carabiner that works for everything, so it’s important to understand

The Gear You Need to Start Rock Climbing

Whether you dream of pulling on plastic gym holds, scaling big walls, or ascending mountain peaks, basic rock climbing knowledge is essential. It’s the foundation of all mountain activities — but to get started rock climbing, first you need the right rock climbing gear. If you’ve never gone rock climbing before, we suggest starting in

How to Care for and Clean Your Climbing Rope

When you’re rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, or canyoning your life literally depends on the integrity of your gear. You need equipment that functions properly every time — and that means dedicating a certain amount of time to taking care of your gear. Your climbing rope is perhaps the epitome of this mantra as it is

A Comprehensive Guide to Belay Devices

Consider the kind of equipment you use when you’re rock climbing. You have your rope, your harness, your shoes — and of course, your belay device. The integrity of all this equipment is important, as essentially your life depends on it. Picking out the right climbing equipment can be difficult because of the number of

12 Best Sport Climbing Routes in New Zealand

Amidst the lush green vegetation of New Zealand’s lovely native bush arise the compact grey limestone cliffs of Golden Bay, the steep chiseled diorite bowls of the Fiordland, and the lakeside crags of Whanganui Bay. A geologically diverse land has given rise to a variety of suitable rock climbing features including slabby, pocketed volcanic regions,