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Replacement Cam and Hex Slings

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We are currently out of stock on purple webbing. More expected to arrive around Q1 2023.

Replace your old cam and hex slings with sewn 13mm Dyneema slings. This should be done at least every ten years; more often if the gear is heavily used or there is damage to the webbing. (Most manufacturers recommend 5 years if used often. Please refer to the manufacturers instructions) Our slings are sewn professionally on a computer controlled machine and inspected by our quality control department prior to dispatch. The stitch pattern, Dyneema and thread are all the same as what we use on our 13mm Dyneema sling range.

Please note this inspection refers to the re sling only we do not inspect the cam itself however if we do happen to note any problems with the cams we will do our best to highlight these to you. 

Please do not pre-pay for repairs, just post them to us. We will then send you a link for payment once we have received the gear and the work is complete.


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In order to use this service please send your cams to us at:

Aspiring Safety
Attn: Re-sling Department
1/6 Burdale Street
Riccarton, Christchurch 8011
New Zealand

Once we receive the cams it usually takes 2-3 days to re-sling. When complete we will email you a link to pay online via credit card or PayPal. There is no need to pay before sending us your gear. Inside your package please include the form available here or at the very least your phone number, email address, and return shipping address.

  • Single or double (extendable) slings available. Single slings, if applicable, will always use the BD double layer method to increase the strength against wire loops. Some cams, such as the old Camalots with a cast head) may be limited to single loop slings based on the design.
  • Variety of colours.
  • We do our best to match up colours with the original cam slings, please leave your current slings on there so we can match or label each sling with the desired colour.
  • 13mm Dyneema webbing.
    • 16mm Nylon webbing is also available upon request
  • Strength rating 22kN (please note this is the strength of the sling only your cam may be rated less).

Shipping Information – Important

If you’re shipping cams from New Zealand please read through the page & form on our NZ website instead.

  • Declare them as repairs not goods to save any customs dramas. Marking the declared value less than $400 (including the shipping cost) will most likely avoid them being held up by customs.
  • We recommend completing and attaching the following form to the outside of your parcel.
    • Google Sheets – Open link and select file -> make a copy (need a google account)
    • PDF Version – Fill out in Acrobat or print and fill out by hand.
  • After you send them let us know the tracking # (if applicable) and your contact info.

Due to the weight of the cams the cost of replacement cam slings doesn’t count towards our usual $120 free freight offer but we will ship them back for free with any other order that does. Your order and the cams must be shipped back at the same time. If you would like to take advantage of this offer just place an order before we ship your cams back with a note asking us to bundle the two. Your entire order will be shipped by NZ Post International Courier.

Sling Colours

If you would like a certain colour on each cam please label prior to sending. See above for current colour options as they do change from time to time. If no labels are found we typically try to match the existing sling colour.

Dyneema Sling Colours

  • 10mm Dyneema – Red, Orange, Light Blue, Black (for small hexes only)
  • 13mm Dyneema – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Grey

Sling Style & Material

By default we now sew any “cable loop” style cams using the BD double layer method. We’re still happy to stich them with double loops if requested but will double check before doing any work. For tricams we typically try to match the length, width and style of the existing slings.

Nylon slings are also possible but we are a bit more limited on the available colours:

  • 16mm Tubular Nylon – Green, Blue, Purple
  • 20mm Flat Nylon – Gold, Blue, Red

We do not offer a re-sling service on DMM Mambas.


Hexes too small to be threaded with 13mm Dyneema will use 10mm instead. This has the same strength rating when tested to the requirements of EN 566.

Wash Your Gear

We recently had a climber have their cams held for over 2 weeks for biosecurity assessment before being delivered to us. Not sure if it was due to the cams being dirty or just bad luck but to be safe please wash your gear before shipping just in case.

Return Freight to Australia

Weight Estimated Cost (International Courier)
Estimated Cost (DHL Express) With Order of $120 or More

(Not Including Cam & Hex Slings)

0.50 kg $37.00 Varies by destination. Call for a quote. Free – Make the most of this offer and save yourself some money and get more great gear! 

Please note this excludes Torches with Lithium batteries. All items will be shipped together using the NZ Post International Courier service.

0.75 kg $39.00
1.00 kg $41.00
1.25 kg $43.00
1.50 kg $45.00
1.75 kg $48.00
2.00 kg $52.00
Over Call

Free Return Shipping Offer

If you would like to take advantage of the free return shipping please place a separate order of $120 or more and add a note on checkout asking for the order to be bundled with your cams. Be sure to select the free shipping option on checkout.  Please note this excludes Torches with Lithium batteries. . The standard service we use for returns is NZ Post International Courier. There may be an additional cost to ship cams back on DHL.

Lost Return Packages / Insurance

We have yet to see any return shipments go missing 🤞 and hopefully we never will but just in case here’s what your gear is covered for. By default shipments are covered up to the declared value (max $2000 on NZ Post). Additional insurance up to $5000 is available but the cost depends on the declared value of the shipment. Please note that as we are returning used gear we have no say in what NZ Post will value the gear at. We are happy to declare the returned goods at a specified value (see above). More information on the amount covered can also be found via the following link.

NZ Post Coverage Information

Additional information

Weight 99999 kg
Made In

New Zealand





Cam Sling – Single Loop, Cam Sling – Double Loop, Hex & Tricam Sling


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